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Peter Verweij

During my nearly twenty-five year career with a multinational company, I have learned a lot about business, coaching people and talent flow. Since 2020, I have lived on a farm with MJ…. from a life in the suburbs of Chicago to the outskirts of Knegsel…. what these two years have taught me in that we as humans can learn so much from animals. An animal reacts instinctively in its response to humans and we use this in our training. 

MJ (Mary Jean) Verweij-Zyck

Moving from America to the Netherlands has been the biggest life changing event for me, but it has brought me closer to my biggest passions – horses & animals. I have been riding and working with horses for the majority of my life, but I now have the opportunity work with them and other animals on a daily basis, living my dream. Sharing my knowledge and love for these animals is a great gift I hope to share with you.

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