Other Activities

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Other activities at Hoeve Verweij

Horse pension

A small horse pension where the horses come first. The owners have 3 horses themselves and treat all the horses in the stable just like their own.

Goat yoga

Come relax with the goats at Hoeve Verweij. These little social animals are ready to jump on your back and give you that extra bit of relaxation. We have group lessons but also private lessons. Click on the link below for more information, the goats can’t wait!

Goat walk

Unique in the area of Eindhoven! Go for a nice guided walk in the woods with our goats. An experience for young and old.

Bed & breakfast

Get away to the countryside! Stay in the two-room apartment at Hoeve Verweij.

Chicken breeding

An out of control hobby…. hatching eggs and then watching them grow up into chickens is amazing! As a result, we almost always have Brahmas, Cochin Bantams and Laying Hens for sale.

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