Team Building & Company Outings

Team building – strengthen your team with horses and farm activities

Horses are a good reflection of your emotions; they will never lie or cheat. By giving animals a place in your group you will learn more about the composition of your team. In this way you will learn more about yourself, your leader and your colleagues resulting in a stronger team.

Back to basics with team building

By working together during team building with animals, you can learn a lot about how to handle challenges as a group. An animal does not always do what is asked of it and will react intuitively to situations. By learning to deal with this intuition, we try to bring people and their teams back to the basics of dealing with a group of people – trust and effective communication. Finding creative solutions comes into play during every team building activity.

Cozy team building

We hope that everyone learns something during our programs, but first and foremost is having fun. By interacting with all the animals on the farm, we try to eliminate fears, teach people about daily life on a farm and, above all, make everyone’s experience richer.

Personal program

No team is the same so we like to discuss with you what the program will look like. We also like to hear if anyone has allergies or fears of certain animals so we can take this into account. The programs are all based on one half day (morning or afternoon) and can be extended with a lunch or barbecue. Prices are based on a minimum and maximum number of participants. Deviations are negotiable.

Interested in a team event?

Please feel free to contact us for options. We are happy to work with you to put together an appropriate program with a focus on your team.

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